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I think Scott Weingart (producer of the highly acclaimed EMCrit podcast) summarizes his vices and virtues the best. Now, I am certainly not nearly as talented, accomplished, well-known, or (obviously) attractive as Scott, but I will do my best to follow his steps here.



I initially discovered my passion for neurology when I realized I could not stand being in an operating room and I was sick of managing COPD exacerbations. As one of my mentors likes to say, “The neurologist is the last remaining physician scientist.” The neurologic exam is as poetic as it is informative, and the spectrum of neurologic disorders forces us  to commit ourselves as lifelong trainees in medicine. My early training involved drowning aged rats in Morris water mazes, which I did for only a few months until I fell in love with vascular neurology as a subdiscipline in medicine. Since I was an undergraduate and throughout medical school and residency, I have been involved in a number of research projects in my residency program and elsewhere pertaining to stroke outcomes, health disparities, and interventions. But I think my true calling has been medical education. Since 2015, I have been a team member of the Neurology® journal’s, Resident and Fellow Section, where I feel privileged to solicit and review manuscripts to be published for trainee education. While on the section, I observed how the Neurology® podcast operated, and how there was not a complementary podcast designated for trainee education. Thus, BrainWaves was born. For more details of my training and qualifications as the founder and editor of this podcast, I will refer you to my Curriculum Vitae.



I’m an Arkansan at heart (Clinton, not Huckabee), born and raised to appreciate hunting and fishing and small town, 3A basketball teams. In my recording studio/bedroom, I usually record with Kingsley, my 35-lb lab-terrier mix (right). My fiancé, Erika Mejia, also lives with us, and has been kind enough to narrate many of the voiceovers in the podcast. I mostly use her because she has an incredible voice which kindly punctuates the monotonous vocals I produce. Like every other contributor to BrainWaves, she is also working PRO BONO!

Let’s see…other things I like to do besides podcasting. In the summer, I’m really into cycling. Every year I ride in the MS 150, a 180+ mile ride from Philadelphia to Ocean City, NJ, where riders raise money to benefit patients with multiple sclerosis. It also happens to be one hell of a fun time.

BrainWaves Contributors & Reviewers

I could not be happier to recognize and thank each of these incredible contributors to the BrainWaves podcast.

Myriam Abdennadher, MD   PubMed

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Robert Avery, DO, MSCE   PubMed

John Baird, MD (Hematology/Oncology)

Ramani Balu, MD   GoogleScholar   PubMed

Danielle A. Becker, MD   PubMed

Joseph R. Berger, MD   GoogleScholar   PubMed

Salim Chahin, MD   GoogleScholar   PubMed

Anjan Chatterjee, MD   GoogleScholar   PubMed

Neena Cherayil, MD

David Coughlin, MD

Ana G. Cristancho, MD   GoogleScholar   PubMed

Andres Deik, MD   PubMed

Francis J. DeRoos, MD (Emergency Medicine)  PubMed

Megha Dhamne, MD   PubMed

Lauren Elman, MD   PubMed

Christopher Favilla, MD   GoogleScholar   PubMed   ResearchGate

Taneeta “Mindy” Ganguly, MD   GoogleScholar   PubMed

Ali G. Hamedani, MD, MHS    GoogleScholar

Brian Hanrahan, MD

Sarah Hopkins, MD, MSPH   PubMed

Imran Jivraj, MD, FRCSC (Ophthalmology)   PubMed

Erika Jones, MD   PubMed

Pouya Khankhanian, MD   PubMed

Anita Kohli, MD (Ophthalmology)

Pallavi Kumar, MD, MPH   PubMed

Joshua Levine, MD   PubMed

Noah Levinson, MD   GoogleScholar   PubMed

Travis B. Lewis, MD, PhD   GoogleScholar   PubMed

Grant T. Liu, MD   PubMed

Fima Macheret, MD (Internal Medicine)  PubMed

Laura Mainardi-Villarino, MD

Jason H. Maley, MD (Internal Medicine)  PubMed

David Manly, MD (Internal Medicine)  PubMed

Sneha Mantri, MD   PubMed

Sheryl Martin-Schild, MD, PhD   PubMed

Clyde Markowitz, MD   GoogleScholar   PubMed

Lauren McCollum, MD

Jennifer McGuire, MD   PubMed

Steven R. Messe, MD   PubMed

Michael T. Mullen, MD, MSCE   PubMed

Christopher Perrone, MD   PubMed

Amy Pruitt, MD   PubMed

Colin J. Quinn, MD, MSPT   PubMed

Torie Robinson   LinkedIn

Adam Rodman, MD, MPH (Internal Medicine)  PubMed

Jon Rosenberg, MD   PubMed

Michael Rubenstein, MD

Roderick Spears, MD, FAHS   PubMed

Joshua VanDerWerf, MD   GoogleScholar   PubMed

Eliana Vasquez

Anh-Thu Vu, MD